Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween Swap 2015 - Day One

If you have followed by blog for a while you will know about my annual Halloween swap with Vany AKA the craft ninja. I'm usually pretty good at posting photos of the things Vany gives me (because they are always mind-blowing) but I'm usually less good at sharing what I made/sent.

I decided this year I would change all that and actually make an effort to record what I made for Vany (WHAATTT??). First up are these embroidery hoop storage thingees. That's what you officially call them. I didn't make this idea up at all, I remember seeing a tutorial for it and I was sure I pinned it to pintrest, but I can't find it anywhere.

Anyway this type of storage really appealed to me, because when I am sewing I am always losing the "little things" like snaps and hooks and eyes. I thought these hoops would be a good place to store things like that.

Hopefully Vany finds them useful for storage and fun too. The first hoop I made was from this zombie themed fabric I bought from our local craft store, Made Marion Craft.
The polka dot fabric was given to me by my friend Emi before she moved overseas, I've only had a small amount of this, nothing big enough for dress making but perfect for a wee project like this.
The first step was to make a little pocket from the zombie, I  just eyeballed it to get the size right.
Then just get rid of the excess fabric and you've got a cute pocket, hoopla, storage type thing.
Of course I couldn't send this away to Vany without any sewing treats! I  included these snaps  I picked up at an op shop and these shiny bats and spiders from Pete's Emporium.

I also added some ric rac for hanging, because ric rac is the best. I liked the first one I made so much, I decided to make another. This time with the left over fabric from my Meg dress (this has been sitting around for a while, I just couldn't let go of the scraps). I'm not even sure where the black fabric came from!

I had to add some sewing treats to this one too, some self covering buttons and these creepy little dudes.

Here's the hoops "in action" on the door handle of my craft room - I'm sure they would look cool hung together on a wall.

I also decided to send this fabric along with day one as an extra, its also from Made Marion Craft.
That's day one complete! I almost forgot, this year we decided to "only" do seven days rather than 13. Day one down - six more to go.

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Louise said...

That is such a great idea! They look awesome! I especially love the fabric with the skull print- so cute. I'd never have thought of doing that with embroidery hoops, but I think you've just given me another idea for my Christmas hoop art project, so thanks! It'll be a great way to use up any scraps I have left over. xx