Monday, November 02, 2015

Halloween Swap 2015!

Hello All and Happy Halloween!! I hope you all have some kind of creepy fun times planned today. I've going out to lunch with my lovely club friends in theme and then a few of us are heading to Tretham for the Pet Festival, apparently there is a costume competition for pets. I'm pretty excited about that.

Anyways I thought I'd share a post today of the things I received from Vany craft ninja for our Halloween swap this year.

Due to the cost of postage and well, LIFE being busy we decided to cut down our number of swap days from 13 days to a week. Still a week of Halloween is still a pretty great time!

This is day one's package, which I was really puzzled by, I mean what could be in HERE! One big box and a bunch of pod shaped packages?
The big package was these Hello Kitty kinder surprises - Vany told me about these ages ago. I was so happy to have a box of my own.

But guess what was in all the pod shaped packages? A bunch more Kinder Surprise capsules, fulled with Hello Kitties.

This little dude was  also  in one of the capsules, he's a Natoons character.
This package was so much fun to open, who doesn't love a package made up of a heap of tiny packages.  Also so much Kitty - yah!


Day two came in its very own box with three wrapped packages inside - two small ones  and one big one. What was in the smaller packages?
 Inside the first small package with this this cute Hello Kitty skeleton patch - I LOVE the wee bow.
The second little package was this ADORABLE My Melody ghost patch - its one of the cutest things ever. I love it.
What was in the big package? My favourite German chocolate - so delicious!


On day three I found a note from Vany that I had totally missed previously! This is our third year of swapping at Halloween times, hard to believe!
 Here's the package for day three - what's inside?
Something to reflect my love of lavender and visiting lavender farms! Some really beautiful soap! She also made these two cute scent sachets filled with lavender - skully bird and bunny.


 Day four was a day of craft supplies that included a DIY felt bird kit, very cool shark ruler, cross-stitch phone charm and creepy cute patch.


Day five was a cross-stitch day and included this awesome "What we do in the Shadows" cross-stitch.

Day six was a day for all thing tea related! I received a box of tea, complete with a skeleton dressed as a bunny and a little plate for putting used tea bags on. I have a bunch of teas from Germany to try now!


Vany has made me SO MANY amazing things over the year, but this was really next level. I don't know how she got so many things I love into one item (and also how she new my current bunny slippers were totally past it).
 That's right people, she made me zombie bunny slippers and in case you were wondering, the nose is a tiny skull.
The bottom of the slippers says "zombunny"  obviously! So amazing!
Well that's it for my Halloween swap package from Vany - pretty amazing right? I'm excited for next year already!


Louise said...

Wow, what thoughtful presents! She obviously knows you very well! Everything looks so cute, and who doesn't love a good Kinder Egg? I used to love them when I was little, but they were always a special treat because they were so expensive (for chocolate, anyway), so we never got them often. I'm kinda craving one now... Haha! xx

Unknown said...

Woah that's such a cool thing to do! One week of presents, who wouldn't love it?! :)
And your friend didn such a great job with all these little crafty items! I Looove the slippers and the shark ruler!!

Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

Kendy P said...

the slippers are sooooo cute! <3 the my melody ghost too!!!