Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Rock star

Today's wardrobe challenge was "Rock star" so I decided to go with black, red and animal print *rawr*.
I actually changed by cardy before I went to work, as when I looked at this photo on the back of the camera I thought it looked pretty big on me.

On Monday morning when I went to the gym for my personal trainer session I knew I would have to weigh in, normally I'm pretty fine with that because I'm quite committed to my healthy eating and exercise programme. However I didn't feel like I ate as well as I should have or exercised as much as I should have during the Christmas/New Years break. But on Monday morning I discovered that I had lost 2kg (4.4 lb) over the break. I was pretty happy about that. I have to say now after losing 9.5 kg (20.9 lb) I am starting to notice some of my clothes are getting a little big. But that's what op shops and clothes swap parties are for - new (to me) clothes!
I decided biker boots and animal print tights would be pretty rock star - these tights are actually of the footless variety, but we all know how I feel about footless tights (I don't like them at all!). I bought this week bat brooch at a craft market we used to have in Wellington YEARS ago called Craftwerk, it was such a rad market. Rich and I used to sell fimo badges at that market - it was a whole lot of fun. I bought this scarf from a cheap and choice accessory store and I have worn it SO much! Sometimes the things you buy on a whim end up being your favourites.
You can't really see from this photo but my earrings have skulls all over them - bad ass.
I like this shiny bracelet - I really don't have enough bracelets!


Tights & Scarf - Equipt
Brooch - Bought at Craftwerk
Dress - Op Shopped, Opportunity for Animals, Kilbirnie
Cardy - Glassons
Bracelet - Op Shopped
Earrings - Diva


Jamie said...

very rock star, the tights and boots are perfect!!

cb said...

i love the rock star look on you. the scarf i feel really brings it all together. leopard with boots is also really hot. love it.

Helga said...

RAWR!!!! Indeed!!
Yeah,you're totally rocking the rock star look!Can't go wrong with leopard,it goes with EVERYTHING!!!

Julia said...

Just gorgeous! I love the red with the leopard and your scarf is perfect xo

Karolina B-H said...

I share your love for leopard print! love the tights :)