Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh Strumpets! Valentine Swap

It's official, I've signed up for my first craft swap over at Oh Strumpets! Blog - it's a valentines swap which should be pretty fun. I already have a few ideas floating about in my head of what to make. I'm just waiting to hear back from my partner to see if she has a blog and get an idea of her likes/dislikes.
In another note - two more sleeps until my trip! Getting slightly nervous now, but I know it will all be fine once I actually start travelling - just the thought of it is a bit scary, but I know when I am on the first plane I will be fine.


Julia said...

Too cute, I'm sure whatever you make will be just gorgeous!

I'm excitied for you, I LOVE thailand, the food / culture / art / history & shopping are amazing.

Megan said...

How cute! I love swaps and have considered getting involved with one but haven't actually done it. It seems like such a creative and fun effort to be a part of! Hope you have a great day :) I also hate traveling and flying, but once you get up in the air just relax and remember that flying is MUCH safer than driving. That always helps me :)

cb said...

how fun! you always sign up for the most fun things! i was thinking of doing valentine cards this year, still on the fence but it would be oh so much fun!