Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Pearls

Today's wardrobe challenge was "Pearls" and whilst I don't have any "for real" pearls I do have my fabulous oversized pearls from Diva or Equipt - I forget which!I am actually more excited by the dress I am wearing in this outfit - its one of my "to do" projects from my January sewing goals. It's the tunic dress from my Sew La Tea Do sewing book. Here's a close up of the fabric I made the dress from - it may have been designed with 5 year old boys pj's in mind. But I don't care! I think it's totally rad and I love my shark dress! My non-pearl accessories for the day - lots of red to match the little red fish on the dress.
Red tights and white shoes seem to be just perfect with this frock!
So with all the recent eye drama I've decided to try and become much more of a lipstick girl, rather than an eye make up girl. This is the colour I've been wearing all this week - I kind of like the idea of having a signature shade of lipstick

Dress - Made by Me! Fabric from spotlight
Cardy - Glassons
Pearls - Diva or Equipt
Belt - From another dress
Ring - Reincarnation, Wellington
Plastic Bracelet - I forget :P
Beaded Bracelet - Handmade Gift from my friend Jess
Tights - Farmers
Shoes - The Big Shwop

Also, as you'll all know I'm sure, Chinese New Year is here! One of the ladies at work gave me a Chinese New Years present today.
I got a "Chanel" Purse - oh how fancy!

Finally I want to have a wee round up of how I went on my January sewing goals, I am off on my trip tomorrow so there won't be any more sewing this month (well not the type of sewing that requires me to sit at my machine). I had four sewing goals - a maxi dress, dress for my cousins wedding a capelet and a tunic dress.

This month I get 3/5 - the only thing I didn't make was a capelet - which means I will have to take an emergency scarf on my trip. But all in all I am pretty happy with my progress. I have included a photo of the maxi I made below. It's not an action shot - but I am sure you will see some holiday photos of me wearing this frock.
Like I said, I am off on my trip tomorrow - first stop is Christchurch to have brunch with Helga Von Trollop then its off to Kuala Lumpur! I will try and update when I can whilst I am away - but if things are a little quiet you will know I've either without the internet, exhausted or just having too much fun. See you all soon xoxo


Vintage Bird Girl said...

You're such a clever cookie to sew those frocks! I can't wait to see the gingham maxi on you. Looks divine! Hope you have a wonderful trip & I'm sure you'll totally rock the lovely pink frock too. Xx

Julia said...

I LOVE your dress, the print is amazing. The pearls & red tights are a nice touch too.

Have a safe trip & an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it xo

Kc said...

Have an amazing trip girly!! :D Can't wait to see pics of all your dresses over there! I LOVE the shark print dressm I was looking at shark print fabric the other tempting! The material for kids is so much cooler than the grown up stuff.


Unknown said...

Shark dress ROCKS! You are so clever. And what's that gingham thing? Please send it to me immediately - or just throw it out the window of your plane on your way over! Hope you have the most fabulous trip - please give Helga a massive arse-pinch for me - I get her all to myself in 16 sleeps and I'm super excited! Happy travels, gorgeous! Sarah xxx

cb said...

Oh my goodness that fabric is amazing!! Sososo cute!!!!!! You did such a great job with it, yay!

alicia said...

i went through a phase where i would wear multiple long strings of faux pearls over everything. good times!

i like your shark dress! <3

Curtise said...

Sharks and strawberries - a perfect combination! I love your dress and the red tights (having a red tights moment myself just now). And your gingham maxi looks wonderful, can't wait to see you wearing it.
Ooh, you get to brunch with the fabulous Miss Trollop? Do send her a big squeeze from me, don't let her get you too drunk, you know what she's like!
Hope you have a fantastic trip. xxxx

Anita said...

I love your Chanel purse :)

Helga said...

Hey,I didn't get that arse pinch that Sarah sent!!!
So great to see you today...!
I freakin' LOVE shark frock,and the gingham maxi is TOO DIE FOR fabulous!!!! Bloody hell!You've outdone yourself!
I never,like NEVER get eveything I want to achieve's good to have goals,but if you don't meet them, o well!
Yay,you'll be winging your way to Malaysia shortly!!! Gagging for holiday pix!

Stacey said...

I love this outfit! That frock is fabulous, and the material is to die for. I'm so jealous of you hanging out with Helga!