Monday, January 16, 2012

Pink and Hibiscus Dress

I have now finished the dress for my cousin's wedding in Phuket which is coming up mighty soon, only three more sleeps till I fly out to Kuala Lumpur.

I made this dress with a vintage pattern and put a lot of work into it, but I'm not sure now if I actually like it or not! But I put so much work into it I'm going to wear it damn it!
I decided I wanted a pink dress, I'm not sure why, it was just a mood that struck me on the day. The dress has a big pleat at the front, so I decided to insert hibiscus print fabric instead of being all pink.

I inserted an invisible zip into the frock using this tutorial which I found really useful, if you're planning on inserting an invisible zip for the first time I would recommend checking it out.

I did have a small drama with this dress, I made it maybe 6 months ago and at that time the dress fit fine. However, recently I lost quite a lot of weight which means the dress didn't fit correctly any more and I had to take the whole dress in which took a while.
The little bow at the side is actually a removable bow I made, so I could wear it elsewhere on the dress if I fancy and I can also take it off when the dress needs a wash.

I am not crazy about this frock - but maybe I'll like it more with the right accessories and the yellow shoes I bought for the wedding.

I am happy its finished, I have something to wear to the wedding and I can tick something off my list for my January sewing goals. I have also made my maxi dress and I hope to put up a photo before I leave on Thursday.


Helga said...

Darling,I love it!The side panel and bow are inspired touches,and of course,I love a pink frock!!
Funnily enough,I often don't like something I've slaved to make....I wonder what that's about?!

Penny-Rose said...

I love the combination of pink and the hibiscus! flowers the contrast is lovely. Looking forward to seeing photos of the complete outfit and hope you have a lovely time at the wedding.

Julia said...

I love that you used a vintage pattern, the cut is gorgeous. Well done on finishing it, it looks great.
Can't wait for photos of Phuket xo

Curtise said...

The dress looks great, I'm so impressed with anyone who can make stuff! I love the contrast print pleat and the bow. I'm sure you're right, once it's all styled up with accessories, you'll feel better about it. And you can't not wear it after all your hard work! xxxx

Unknown said...

I think it's DIVINE! I love the colour and I think with the yellow shoes and a HUMUNGOUS chartreuse hair flower it will be PERFECT! Sarah xxx

Kc said...

It looks great!! The pink will look gorgeous in the sunshine against the sea on your holiday :) can't wait for photos!!


Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

I think it's gorgeous! You should be very proud. And you can use the skills you learned when you make your next dress too!

alicia said...

you chose pink because it's the BEST colour! it looks so pretty! <3

Krista said...

I think it looks amazing I love the bright blue floral panel and bow! I think you could even go shorter and it would be perfect! Great job sweetie!