Friday, September 02, 2011

Last Weekend!

Still behind in my blogging - gah! One day I will catch up - not sure when though.

So here's a post about what I got up to last weekend - even though its now Friday again.

Last weekend I hosted a really lovely girly gathering at my place - a friend at work knows a beautician that "does house calls" so I invited a few friends over for snacks and beauty treatments. Fun!
Here's the snack table - I even made cupcakes for the big day. There were meant to be rainbow cupcakes, but it didn't quite work out. The most important thing is they tasted delicious. I had a manicure done - mine are the bright red nails (I'm the one wearing the Hello Kitty watch of course). Some of the other girls had henna designs done, so pretty. Next time I think I shall get henna too!

On Sunday Rich and I went for a walk in Central Park, when Rich and I first moved to Wellington this park seemed to be dark, gloomy and a little scary. That was part of its charm. It seems like the council has tidied it up a whole lot and now its lighter and brighter. Maybe I am just a little morbid, but I liked the old slightly creepy park better. After our walk we headed to Kreuzberg Summer Cafe for lunch - I really love this little cafe - its basically just a caravan, plants and some brightly painted benches in a parking lot. I think its such a great use of space and it feels a little like visiting someone's house for a barbecue or pot luck dinner. This is the actual "cafe" a caravan and if you look to the right you'll see the "kitchen" a guy cooking on a barbecue. I love it!
Here's our food - pretty good considering there's not a real kitchen. Rich tried to get a tofu burger but they were all out of tofu. Instead he had a haloumi burger, which he said was pretty good. I had a "Clean Brunch" - they call their vegetarian brunch their "Clean Brunch" and the meaty version a "Dirty Brunch". It was pretty good - I especially liked the beans. Although I did manage to spill some on my coat! Messy.

The weekend is now upon us again - it seems like the last week was SUCH a blur. Have a great weekend everyone.


Julia said...

I love the idea of a "house call" pampering session and the henna is especially special <3

Kc said...

Heh fun!! Love the idea if a caravan cafe! :) enjoy this weekend!


Meghan Edge said...

I love the house call pampering idea. I'll need to round up some girlfriends for my birthday for that.

I need to come there so I can eat that food in the last shot. That looks delicious.

Helga said...

Gawd,I don't know where the time goes either!!!
Love the henna painting!Love the look of that wonderful cafe!!XXX

cb said...

i love henna! it looks so cool. i have always wanted to buy the henna kits and mess around with it a bit :)

Malayka said...

Way to make a girl miss Wellington! Someday I'm sure I will move back. This little cafe looks so cute. Funnily enough I was in the real Kreuzberg (in Berlin)just a couple of months ago. It's a fantastic place!

Trees said...

Dashfield Vintage - I have wanted to visit Germany for SO LONG. On day I'll get there. Thanks for your lovely comment:)

Jessica Ogburn said...

Hi! This is really random considering it's a post years later but I was looking for a Hello Kitty watch and your page popped up and I absolutely ADORE yours!!!! Do you remember where you got it???