Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Shoes!

Recently I've managed to pick up a whole bunch of flats at next to nothing at various op shops in town and I thought I'd share them all.

Of course, all of the shoes are flats, if you follow my blog you'll know I am pretty much incapable of wearing heels!

First up is this kind of furry purple nana like shoes - I like them a whole bunch. I don't have many purple clothes but I will work them into my wardrobe somehow. They cost me a grand total of $8 at the Hospice Shop in Kilbirnie and had apparently just arrived in. Perfect timing!

Next up is YELLOW SHOES!! I say this because yellow has always been one of my least favourite colours. Along with orange. But lately I've been drawn to yellow for some insane reason, I even bought a yellow cardi on the same op shopping trip. Madness. Shoes $3 from Opportunity for Animals in Kilbirnie.Finally - I saved the best for last! I bought these AMAZING shoes at the Retro Room Soiree a few weeks back. As soon as I arrived I spied these beauties but I assumed they would be too tiny for me. But they were my size and fit perfectly and are SUPER CUTE . Shoes from Retro Room $10.Anyone else out there made any fabulous finds whilst op shopping lately?


Helga said...

I do love the look of flats,and these 3 pairs are just adorable!!But I can't wear them! I think I have fecked up my feet wearing high heels almost constantly for the last 20 odd years,and it cause me porblems to wear anything too flat!Poo!But I do adore my heels.....
I haven't been in the mood to properly opshop lately.Weird,huh?! I did pick up a sweet vintage purple velvet bow tie for $1 at my local St Vinnies on Friday arvo,though.I've turned it into a hair clip.If you make it down our wya sometime,we'll go out for a day's opshopping,we still have plenty of them,thank goodness! XXX

Trees said...

Helga - I would LOVE to go shopping with you in Chch! I seriously have to make it down there soon and shop up a storm with you:D

Kc said...

Love the flats with the hearts!! I hope I can find some cool shoes down here in Invercargill. Got a few op shops to visit on my list!!

Hey do you wanna do a guest post for me?? about your favourite cafes/shops/places in Wellington? if yup, leave a comment on my blog with your email address or email me at spaarkleylining (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll send you the details! :D


Meghan Edge said...

All gorgeous but the last pair are my faves!

Trees said...

Kc I would love to do a guest post! Thanks for asking me will be in touch:)

Meg I think the heart shoes are the greatest find ever!