Thursday, September 15, 2011

Red Velvet - Project Five - Belts

Project five of my DIY Dress up course from Red Velvet was to make a belt. I do wear belts a lot so I was kind of excited to have the chance to make one, so I would always have the perfect belt.

The course had instructions for two types of belts so I made both! I'm really getting into this whole sewing thing.

Belt number one
To be completely honest, I found the design of the first belt to be a little weird. It looked like an obi belt, but instead of wrapping around like an obi belt it had snaps at the back. I didn't really like the design so I went with an obi belt instead. I'm still not sure if I like this belt, it may be a little big and the ribbon is a little long. But I do like the cute ice cream!

Belt number two
I was much happier with belt number two, it does look a little pink in this post but its fire truck red! With a big bow and contrasting white stitching! I've been wanting a little red belt for a while. This one is just perfect.


Helga said...

Crap, I missed yesterdays Wardrobe Challenge!!! I'm such a dick at commitement......but farl,I adore your frock,sweets!You'll never have to iron it!!!Hurrah!Great style and pattern!!!
Now,I adore the bow belt!Heavenly!!!
The other best is a little unusual,but hey,sometimes it just takes a bit of tweaking to get soemthing right, and you already figured that!!!Often when you are learning,you have to make all kinds of things that you aren't into, but it's about the skills...I worked as a machinist for a while,it was awful, making pee pants amd horrid polo shirt type tops with plackets-but feck I learnt a lot!!!

Vix said...

That bow belt is just gorgeous and I'm loving the fabric of the obi.
It's so exciting to sew, my attempts are a bit hit and miss but it's such a rewarding hobby. x

cb said...

the bow belt is great! i made one a while ago and i adore it! glad you are loving the sewing thing :D

Trees said...

Helga - don't worry about wardrobe challenge, next week is another week. I know the first belt isn't something I'm loving but the bow belt makes up for it! Plus its all learning:D

Vix - Yes I do love that obi belt fabric. I am wondering if the fabric store has any more and maybe I can make another project from it. Like a wee skirt or bag or something. Or maybe an ice cream bow belt;)

Cb - Yah! Sewing is fun. Sew September has been great for me, gives me the motivation to sew each day. Which is what I really needed xoxo