Monday, September 01, 2008

Kat's Pirate & Fairy Birthday Party

Over the weekend it was my friend Kat's birthday and to celebrate she decided to have a "Pirate & Fairies" themed party.

I had a nutriemetics party at my flat (hosted by the lovely Fiona) for most of the afternoon so I wasn't really inspired to pull a costume together, I ended up wearing a skull bandana and a pair of bamboo hoop earrings and that was about as pirate as things got. Mind you - it was a bigger effort than some people made.

Here's some more photo's from the night...

Now the sock monkey is a little random - he's Grace's sock monkey and she figured that seen as she didn't have a parrot to sit on her shoulder she may as well have a sock monkey. It seemed to make sense at the time!

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