Friday, September 05, 2008

Burrito Cake!

As a "crafty" type - I am always most in awe of crafty things that I think I cannot do myself (although if I actually gave those crafty things a go - who knows what I might achieve).

Anyways, searching the Internet today I came across a flicker site of a woman who makes the most amazing cakes.

My favourite, of the said cakes was the "Burrito Cake" and it's not a cake made from tortilla's - it's a cake made from icing and cake and all the usual ingredients but shaped to look like a burrito on corn chips with a side of Salsa.

I have a friend in America who is a talented cake making type who said she could make this type of cake, which makes me think she is some sort of super talented cake making super pro or something.

Anyways - see the link below to check out the amazing burrito cake!

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