Sunday, September 14, 2008

Graces' Birthday Cards

Recently, my friend Grace thought she could sneakily have her birthday without telling any of us. Unfortunatly for her - the magic of facebook revealed to all of us it was in fact her birthday!

Of course, birthdays require presents and Grace is of course on of the craftiest people I know who makes the most amazing cards out of old and delightfully cheesy Mills and Boons Covers.

So I thought for her birthday I would make he some cards - which you can see below! They were pretty simple but came out really well. I bought a child's "wind and willows" book from the Salvation Army and cut out some of the photo's and sewed them onto card stock. I then added a few buttons to the cards - I was really happy with the final cards and Grace has told me she has already sent one off to a friend.

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