Friday, September 05, 2008

My Litle Pony Recon Continues

So I now have my "midnight blue" hank of pony hair from "My Little Pony Hair dot com" so it was time to start the "re-hairing" of bluey.

It was actually a LOT easier to re-hair a my little pony than I thought but it is VERY time consuming - it may be a while before blue has a full mane of hair - but I did make surprisingly good progress with the re-hairing over the weekend.

Below are some of the progress photo's - I have to admit - I do feel a tad sorry for bluely being removed from his body for so long, but it will be worth it when they are back together.

There is something distinctly creepy about this photo - which was taken when the first few strands had been completed.

From this photo it looks as if the re-hairing is almost done - sadly no - if you were to flick the mane in the other direction you would see just how bald poor bluey still is.
Just a view of the length of the pony hair - clearly bluey will need a haircut to complete the "look" before I am finished.

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