Friday, September 19, 2008


So last Friday Night Rich and I finally went to see [REC] I'd been waiting to see this film for a while, it was at the film festival but we ran out of both time and money to go along (I guess it I saw EVERY film I wanted to see I wouldn't work for about 2 weeks) so I was pretty happy when I saw it was going to general release.

Leading up to the release of the movie though, there was a lot of media hype, something about the Ministry of Health banning "blood" cocktails that were being sold to promote the movie (I mean seriously, who wants to drink a blood cocktail anyway, what sort of moron are you?) and also there was something in the media about someone being so scared when they watched the movie they actually soiled themselves.

I did think much of the media was total hype - I just couldn't imagine that anyone could be so scared as to soil themselves at a movie, the whole think kind of reminded me of those 50's horror movie posters which advised "this movie is not suitable for pregnant women or those with heart conditions".

But I did have to check it out regardless and see what all the fuss is about.

It's a pretty simple premise, some sort of disease (that turns you into a flesh eating zombie) is let loose in an office block due to some scientist conducting experiments in there back in the day. A film crew happen to end up in the building as they are accompanying a fire crew on their nightly duties and they have been called to the apartments to investigate some strange noises.

Much blood, guts and eating of human flesh to follow - it's kind of like Blair Witch meets zombies, and it's actually fairly entertaining. For a seasoned zombie queen like me it was nothing new but it was a good little film.

Although, I do think the person that soiled themselves maybe ate a dodgy curry before they went to see the film - it's simply not THAT scary.

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