Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ange's Hen's Weekend in Martinborough

So a couple of weekend's ago was my friend Ange's hen's weekend in Martinborough - to be honest - I don't think I have ever actually been away on a "girls weekend" before. My friend Fiona and I headed over there together in her car, unfortunatly, the weather wasn't so good and when we arrived no one else was at the house we were staying at so we decided it was time for some hot drinks and some lunch.

We went to an amazing little cafe and I was very excited to get a real chai latte when I ordered one - rather than the usual frothy milk and syrup you usually get in cafe's!
On first glace the house that had been booked was pretty cool - although these photo's were actually taken the next day in the beautiful sunshine, not when we first turned up.

The original plan for the day was to head out to do some golf cross - but the bad weather soon put a stop to that idea and instead we decided on a self guided winery tour. Here's some photo's from some of the wineries - some of them have some amazing art!

After the winery tour madness was over, it was time to return to the house, firstly for Fiona's nutriemetics demo and secondly to hand over to Ange her stunning outfit for the evening...

Next it was out to town for dinner at a Thai Restaurant, it's a pretty tiny town, so a huge bunch of girls going out for dinner with one dressed as a circa 1950's bride was in all likihood a site to behold for the locals!
Later on...back at the was time for Kat's birthday cake - seen as her birthday was the same day as Ange's hen's night.
Then it was time for a few more drinks...

Followed by some chocolate game madness...

...and more drinks..

Then it was pinata time! I decided that as my hen's night present for Ange I would make her a Pinata (I like to make things anyways so it seemed like an obvious choice). Although small, Ange proved to be rather deadly with a golf club - the pinata didn't stand a chance!

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