Thursday, July 06, 2006

Birthday Money!!

I spoke to my Mum last night - she said she is going to put my birthday money in early which means I can finally go and pick up my 20 hole docs this weekend...woohoo!! I really wanted to take them to Queenstown with me and now I can.

Although I'm not looking forward to Queenstown as much as I was intially. My manager spoke to some people down there yesterday and apparently it's really cold with snow and everything and we will have to travel in cars via convoy as it's too dangerous for one car to go by itself and also we will only be able to travel about 30kmph. There will be some very long car trips I imagine.

I also heard from Marth last night and she said she's not coming down this weekend as it's too cold - I'm a bit bummed but I totally understand - she doesn't want to get sick again so wouldn't want to go outside much so would end up missing out on most of the city. That's totally cool because I don't want to go outside at all at the moment either and I live here!!

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