Friday, July 21, 2006

The Fimo Empire Begins!!

Kat has offered to sell some of our crafty things at Triangle and she let me know yesterday that she has already sold two fimo brooches in the last week!

In other news - Rich has now signed up for his new job and he starts on the 31st of July - today is his last Friday at New World - which means it will be the last Friday night he's stuck working till 9pm which has to be a good thing.

His other news is he has finally booked in to get his tattoo done at the start of August!

My news is that one of our team members resigned yesterday - bad news for the team as a whole but good news for me as there will now be a permanant job in my team which I can apply for!

Also my textbook for my course has finally arrived - I am going to pick it up after work today on my way to meet the girls after work.

Well I best be off - but just one thing - I'M GOING TO CHRISTCHURCH THIS WEEKEND!

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