Saturday, July 01, 2006

My weekend so far

I am so glad it's the weekend!! It's been such a full on week at work I am so glad of the break.

So what have I been up to so far? Yesterday after I finally escaped from the office I met up with Celia and Jess for a drink - which was good because I hadn't seen either of them for a while.

I then went off to Belle's birthday party with my giant jelly - dessert parties are so not good for Weight Watchers but hopefully I haven't done too much damage this week. It was a fun evening though and they have an open fire at their flat so it was totally snuggly and warm and we got to toast marshmallows.

This morning I went and had brunch with Jaimee - it was good to catch up with her - we had a good gossip and she said she will come along to see our stall at kraftwork:)

I also did a bit of shopping in town picked up a few odds and ends to make some jewllery for the stall.

Well I best get organised and head off to the gym before it's too late to go.

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