Sunday, July 30, 2006

Finally!!! Christchurch photos!

Well - finally a week later I have had the chance to put up the photos of our weekend in Christchurch (which already seems like a long time ago!).

These are some photos taken by the beach/pier - I can't remeber whether the beach was called New Brighton beach or just Brighton beach - either way it was a beautiful winter day and a great day to do a winter beach walk.

Just a couple of cheesy shots of us on the Tram - we took the Tram on the second day we were there - we should have really taken it on the first day - because on the second day we had already had a good walk around the central city and had seen the majority of things that the Tram drove past! Still it was a fun novelty - not every day you get to ride a tram.

A few photo's taken around the Avon River (including some near the bridges) - I have to say the Avon doesn't really cut the mustard compared to the Waikato - but it's a cute little river - and it has punting which is pretty cool.

Just a few photo's of us hanging out in cathedral square - we visted the catherdral and climbed the stairs to the top of the tower.

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