Friday, July 14, 2006

It's my birthday eve!

Yesterday I got a couple of more cards in the mail - one from my parents and one from my brother and also a package from Carolyn but I am being good and waiting until tommorrow to open them.

Last night we had a stall at Kraftwerk and man it was absolutely PACKED!! We didn't seem to sell as much as I was hoping too - mostly because it was so packed and so dark and the stall next to us was real busy and blocking our stuff:( I left a little early as there were three of us there to manage the stall and not that much will have to pop in and see Kat over the weekend and pick up my fimo and beaded stuff and see how I went.

Well I best get ready for work - but I have to say it doesn't feel like a Friday - my routine feels all out of wack after going away Monday and Tuesday.

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missing said...

As it's now offically your birthday ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH! Hope you have an awesome day, look forward to seeing you for some dindins tonight
Yes, it's 2am and i've just walked in the door ... stone-cold sober and without having seen any of town-ness