Monday, November 30, 2015

Wanderlust 2016

I have an extreme case of wanderlust at the moment, I need another travel adventure NOW. I do have one planned though, but it feels like a LONG way away. I am counting the weeks (and sometimes days) before I can jump on a plane again and see some new things.

Next year our trip includes a visit to somewhere we have visited before and somewhere brand new to us. First of all is the more familiar territory, we are going back to HONG KONG! Its a LONG time since we have been and I am so excited about heading back over there.

Here's a few photos we took last time we visited, I didn't buy that cake, but I REALLY wanted to!

I'm very excited for the second stop on our holiday - we are going to Manila in the Philippines! We are still planning out the Philippines part of our adventure, but here's a few things I'm looking forward to.

Eating Halo-Halo

I've traveled to a few countries in South East Asia, and each one seems to have their own version of what I refer to as an "icy monstrosity" and I can't wait to try the Filipino version known as halo-halo.

Riding a jeepney

Once I watched a travel show that included a segment about jeepneys, I remember the origin of the jeepney being a pimped out military jeep left by the US troops after World War II. I just thought they were incredible and hoped to ride one at some point, looks like its going to happen next year.


New Zealand is a really young country, we freak out when something is from the mid 1800s because its "so old". So whenever I have a chance to visit an "old town" I take it and then usually lose my mind about how old everything is! From what I understand Intramuros was old Manila that was founded in 1571. I'm so excited to see this place, I'm just crossing my fingers that there won't be too many "unofficial guides" trying to help us out. 

A few other things I'm really looking forward to seeing are the Chinese Cemetery, Corregidor Island 
and Art in Island in Quezon City looks incredible! 

Do you have any travel plans for 2016 or sooner? 


Curtise said...

How lovely to have another trip planned, it's nice to have something to look forward to. We'd quite like to do a lazy beach-y holiday next year, I suppose I ought to start looking... xxx

Louise said...

I have a serious case of wanderlust right now, too. I've never been to Asia, but I'd love to go one day and explore loads of different places there. To be honest, right now I'd happily travel almost anywhere. I've not had a holiday in four and a half years, and I've been dying to travel ever since I got back from that one. I'd kill for just a day at my favourite beach which is only a five hour drive from home (in England). I get restless for adventures when I don't travel for a while. I love to explore new places. xx

Kendy P said...

that cake is to cute to eat!

Vix said...

How exciting! I want all those Chairman Mao figures, they're ace! love the jeepney, too.
I've spent all morning searching for flights, my head's gonna explode if I can't escape soon! xxx

Caramella said...

Wow Hong Kong must be fantastic! And I can see why you're excited to go to the Philippines...that Halo Halo...;)

Saucy Siciliana said...

Since you love travelling so much, why not come over here to Sicily?:)

Unknown said...

Cool! I've seen Halo-Halo on TV before and want to try it too! You have to tell us how it was next year! :) I've never been to Hong Kng or Phillipines so I'm really looking forward to your new travel posts!

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