Sunday, May 18, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Week Three

So this week I've  been thinking, wouldn't it be great to have an alternative Me Made May for us southern hemisphere folks in our spring? Mostly because taking photos in the dark is a pain in the butt.

As for noticing wardrobe gaps in my wardrobe this week? Well its the same lessons over and over, I need more skirts and tops and cardis and generally warm things.

Also, I'm basically going to kill this pair of  brown boots and I'm wearing them pretty much every day. I need more boots I think.....

So here we go - Me Made May - Week Three

12 May
Made by Me - Folksy Lady Skirt

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights from who knows where, top from glassons and scarf from Asian import shop in Left Bank Arcade

13 May
Migraine Tuesday - it was a bad time. No outfit post here folks.

14 May

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights and cardi from glassons, skirt and necklace from op shop

15 May
Made by Me - New Job Skirt

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights from glassons, cardi from Emi's wardrobe clear out one time, Tom Baker Scarf

16 May
 Made By Me - Sailor Moon Skirt

Other stuff - Boots from Avon and tights from glassons

17 May
I went to the most excellent DIY High Tea at my friend Celia's house. Fancy.
I wore this dress I made on my trip out to Celia's place in Porirua.

Other stuff - boots from Avon, tights from Farmers, Necklace from Rose Street Markets in Melbourne and Kuromi from Hong Kong Airport (you guys know she will be in any photo she can!)

18 May
Today was a beautiful winters day, so Rich and I went for a walk around town and went to the National War Memorial.

I should have asked Rich to take a photo of me whilst I was at the war memorial, but I kind of forget. Sorry guys it another "legs" photos day.
Made by Me - Squirrel Dress 

Other stuff - Boots from Avon and tights from glassons.


JuanitaTortilla said...

There's Self-stitched September :)

That creamy dessert looks evil!

Curtise said...

So many great pieces, all made by you, hurray! I always really like the dress with the funky geometric print in green and turquoise, it's fab.
Lovely walk to the War Memorial too. xxx

Vix said...

Oh, you do put me to shame. I've done nothing this month! Love that squirrel dress. xxx

Melanie said...

Love the squirrel dress!

Helga said...

I'm a bit obsessed with brown footwear right now, so am loving those boots!
Crikey, you're doing sow ell with your Mad Me May!!! And so many cuties.That last frock!!! MMM...
Haven't been to the war memorial in years! It looks nice and clean!

alicia said...

i heart squirrel dress! <3