Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sea Creatures Make Me Happy

I do love the zoo, but when it comes to creatures I love sea creatures best of all. Unfortunately, we don't have an aquarium in Wellington. If we did I would have a yearly pass and there would be a lot of sea creature related blog posts.

Even though we don't have an aquarium, we do have a marine centre in Island Bay which gives you a chance to get up close with some fishy friends. So when I was feeling  a bit down and out a couple of weeks back we decided to check out the marine centre.
The marine centre has creatures from our local coastline - which means no brightly coloured tropical fish, but there are plenty of rad sea creatures to check out.

It's always so hard to take a good photo of seahorses - but they are one of my favourites (even if they are kind of weird).

 I'm pretty sure there aren't any turtles living along our coastline - but they are pretty awesome (especially with their turtle jenga).
After visiting the marine centre, we decided to go for a walk along the coastline for a bit in Island Bay, I really love this part of Wellington. 

What do you guys like to do when you're feeling a bit down and out?


Penny-Rose said...

Cool photos - you are lucky to have a marine centre nearby. I like the grumpy fish the best. I like to walk by the sea whether it be on the beach or on the harbour. i just love the smell and the sounds and the fresh air.

Indigo Violet said...

I always go to the sea when I'm feeling a bit down. :-)

Louise said...

I love going to aquariums, too. Or zoos. I just love being around animals and they always cheer me up. We have a little zoo nearby but the nearest aquarium is like 2 hours drive away, so I have to make do with my home aquarium (if you can call a 4ft fish tank that!) instead, most of the time.

I always assumed you got all the amazing tropical / exotic sea critters along your coast lines! Sea horses are pretty cool, though, and the turtles are cute. Your blog posts are always so interesting! xx

Asparagus Pea said...

Definitely beach - not in a lying around in the sun kind of way, more in a 'big sky standing on the edge' kind of way.

JuanitaTortilla said...

Turtle jenga! :D

Where would you find an aquarium, then?

alicia said...

turtle jenga!!! i'm actually irrationally afraid of fish/the sea even though i love swimming and think i'm a mermaid. i guess as long as i'm in a controlled pool environment i'll be ok. <3 <3 <3