Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Travel memories Tuesday - Robot Museum!

Last week I read Lara's post about her visit to the Ayashii Shone Museum she visited on her recent trip to Japan and it made me think of the many "pop culture" style museums I visited when we lived in Korea. One of these was the Robot Museum, which is exactly what the title suggests. A museum of robots! There was a big focus on robots in pop culture - like to amazing robots in Metropolis. But also more modern robots as well, like the robot that could "teach" English. I think he was trying to steal our jobs. If you like robots, weird stuff or pop culture and you're in Seoul you should visit the robot museum. I would LOVE to go again.


Unknown said...

AAA robot museum :D!! I really wish I could go there, I love robots :D! Also, you are super cute in this pic :) ! xxx

bohemian vanity said...

Robots!!! That sounds interesting and fun! Would love to visit :)
xx Tani

Krista said...

No. EFFING. WAY! This is just amazing and I would love it too!

alicia said...

if we ever went to korea or japan i would never be able to get bear out of the robot museums and gundum wonderlands or whatever else!