Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Travel Memories Tuesday: Blue Mountains, Australia

Dear Australian friends,

Most of your animals really creep me out - I'm sorry I just can't help it. When I see a platypus all I cant think was mother a bit drunk when she came up with this? I swear that Cassowary are straight out of a nightmare I had one time. Also why does everything in Australian seem to want to kill me? The spiders, snakes, crocodiles? It all freaks me out.  It makes me want to return home to New Zealand - where the scariest animal I have to deal with is a seagull that wants to steal my lunch.

An exception to the terrifying Australian animals is the kookaburra - I got to see one of these up close when I visited the Blue Mountains and it was awesome.  Other notable exceptions are of course Koala and Tasmanian Devils - which are both adorable.

Keep being totally badass Australia - I'll just keep hanging out here with my flightless birds , no snakes and general lack of stuff that I find terrifying.

Love Trees xoxox


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I had to laugh at your fear of Aussie animals. I kind of take the spiders, snakes & all kinds of stingy things for granted. I loved your year in review posts too. I've just been slack on commenting while we were away at the weekend. Xx

Krista said...

This cracked me up! I was just thinking Austraila has crazy critters when I noticed a grill on the front of Sarah's van, she said it was for rocks and Roos. Did you know the reason why Hawaii still dose not have snakes in their jungles is they have strict import rules. Nope besides my Peetee the wild can just stay there:)
Happy new year!

Helga said...

Hahahaha!! I often say, when people ask me about living in New Zealand, that one of my favourite things is that the wildlife doesn't want to kill me! Indeed, Australia is FULL of homicidal critters! But many gorgeous birds.Kookas are too cute, and I also love Koalas (I call them "warlie" bears)and Tassie Devils!
I do have a thing for lizards, though.....I wouldn;t mind being up close and personal with a nice goanna!
I love Katoomba, it's a beautiful place. XXX

Helga said...

O, yes, I have seen most of the first season of Carnivale and loved it! Yay for the reminder, I must get hold of it..I think that only lasted two seasons; it was out the same time as Deadwood. XXX

Louise said...

I think I'd live on edge if I lived in Australia for fear of the spiders! I already freak out enough over our harmless ones in England! Horrible horrible critters. I'm not a fan of insects at all. Oz have some amazing animals, but I sure wouldn't want to mess with a cassowary. Now that's an animal to be wary of! xx

alicia said...

what the fuhhhh austrailia??? cassowary are now in my nightmares for life! in elementary school we had to sing a song about a kookaburra laughing in a gum tree? totally makes sense to teach that to canadian children? seriously.

Unknown said...

Hehe. My boyfriend feels much the same about Australian animals. He HATES spiders, so I am always creeping him out by showing him photos of the deadliest ones that live there. There was a show on Netflix that showcased the most deadly a while back. It did kind of scare me.

Wait Until The Sunset said...

Aahahahhaa!We always say that Australia isn't the 'lucky country' its the 'lucky to get out alive country' ahahahah

and side note- when were you on my side of the ocean and why didn't you tell me????