Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Years Holiday Fun Times!

This is going to be a photo heavy post! I hope you guys don't mind - but I have so many things to share. Over New Years Rich and I stayed in a bach (that's North Island New Zealand speak for a holiday home) with a bunch of old University friends.

We stayed in Martinborough -which is know for it's wineries and fancy foods! I don't drink, so the wineries are for me - I was just happy to hang out with some of my oldest and best friends.

I just love the street names in Martinborough - we stayed on Cologne Street and whilst Rich and I were out for a walk we came across New York Street.

We had some beautiful weather and as you can see Martinborough is a pretty little town. I love the old buildings.

I'm pretty lame - so I thought this sign outside the deli was pretty amazing.
Here's out table all set up for New Years eve dinner - we had a huge BBQ dinner, it was awesome.
My friend Conor cooked BBQ bananas for dessert and our friend Boggy melted down a block of chocolate for chocolate sauce. It was a good time!
One day we all headed off to Carterton to check out Stonehenge Aotearoa - some people's cars were fancier than others....
Stonehenge was the kind of awesomely cheesy tourist attraction I LOVE - I'm not sure everyone was as impressed as I was. But it was really $8 well spent!

After Stonehenge was stopped off in Greytown for afternoon tea, as it New Years day not much was open. But this amazing and cute cafe was! It was super girly, the do High Tea, ice cream and all kinds of other sweet treats. Plus its adorable which is always important.

On the day we were due to head back to Wellington we went to check out this field, initially we thought it was lavender. But its some other kind of flower - which makes for great photos!

Eventually we all returned to Wellington, for more fun times hanging out! It was pretty much the best.

I was pretty sad to say goodbye to my friends from Auckland and Melbourne, its not often we all get to hang out anymore. But we will all catch up again for a wedding in March. I can't wait until then!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Great photos & I loved seeing you with your mates. That field of flowers is so pretty. Xx

two squirrels said...

What a wonderful way to see in the New Year.....happiness with old friends, perfect.
Oh it's such a beautiful area around Martinborough, so beautiful.
Love v

Helga said...

I've heard nothing but good about Martinborough, but had no clue about Stonehenge!!!! How freakin' AWESOME! OMG! Wonderful pix, darling, it's all gloriarse! XXXXXXX

Kura Carpenter said...

Stonehenge in concrete?? = mind blown :0

Louise said...

Your photos from your travels always have me craving blue skies and sunshine! You've taken some really beautiful shots, and I especially love the light in the Stonehenge photos. (I never knew you even had one in NZ!) The fields of purple flowers are gorgeous, too. Such a great way to spend the new year:)

alicia said...

you look super cute in your music note dress! why is NZ so effing pretty all the time??? jeez. i really want that raspberry fizzy drink and whatever those yummy drinks are with the red and white stripey straws! <3