Monday, January 07, 2013

Onaero Fun Times!

I survived my first day of my new job. It was a pretty good first day but I have to admit my brain is a wee bit fried. I guess that always happens when you start a new job though as there are always so many new things to learn.

This is going to be a bit of a picture heavy post, I have to admit, I didn't really realise how busy our Christmas/New Years was until I started  blogging about our holiday break.

The first part of our holiday was spent with my family in Awatuna on the family farm - with an evening spent in Opunake.

The second part of our break was spent with a bunch of friends in Onaero, we stayed at a holiday home called En Gedi River and Beach Retreat, its the second time I have stayed at this place and I don't think it will be the last. Its such a beautiful place to stay and so relaxing.

It was also nice to stay out here, but we were also able to take a few little day trips (I will blog about those soon).

In the meantime here's some photos I took whilst we were staying in Onaero - it was such a blast! We really are so lucky to have such an amazing place to stay with our amazing friends!


JuanitaTortilla said...

Looking forward to your other trips.
Now, this is one thing that is a far cry from Switzerland -- there is no ocean view here!

Curtise said...

Ahh, it looks so beautiful. What a great place to go with friends. Good mates, great food, beach - perfect! xxx

Meghan Edge said...

That place looks beautiful. :-) Glad to hear your surviving your new job!

Georgia Rose said...

I love Onaero! My boyfriend's parents live there and his mum and sister both work at the winery/restaurant place. We didn't make it to the Naki over Christmas but I hope we can return asap, your posts are making me miss it.

cb said...

I love these and to be on that beach hanging out!!! It looks perfect. You had such a great holiday, i woild die for another two days off!! Glad your first day of work went well!!! Xoxo

alicia said...

what is that crazy thing on the beach??? it looks like a burnt meringue/giant jelly fish?

one denim bird said...

Oh no, I missed you! Onaero brings back happy childhood memories of whitebaiting with my grandad and swimming across to the muddy side of the river! That holiday home sure has a wonderful view and great company and good food would have topped it off nicely. The kids and I had a fab 3 weeks in New Plymouth catching up with most of the extended family and the weather was a scorcher! Happy times all round!