Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New job - New skirt

Yesterday I started a new job - I'm still working for the same government department that I've worked for over the past two years. But I have a brand new role in a brand new team and I have so much to learn!
I think that a new job requires something new tow wear - in this case a brand new sailor skirt made by me! This photo is taken in the car park of our building. The body corp doesn't clean the windows and it doesn't kill the weeds in the car park either. I'm glad we are only renting and don't own our apartment - if we did own this apartment I think the body corporate would make me completely crazy.
Here's the print on the skirt - its all lighthouses and boats. I have admired this fabric at Arthur Toye fabric for a long time. When they started one of their famous "half price sales" I couldn't resist picking up a couple of metres.

Here's a few more outfit details:


Shoes & Necklace - Op Shops
Skirt - Made by Me
Shirt - Clothes Swap
Skull Bracelets - Spacesuit
Beaded Bracelet - From Chloe


Kc said...

Aw cute skirt!! Love the print :) yay for a new job! Hope it's going well :)



two squirrels said...

Oh Yay a new job!!! All the best sweet.
Just love the new skirt, you clever poppet, the lighthouse pattern is super cute.
Love V

Penny-Rose said...

Really glad that your new job is working out okay - what a great reason for a new skirt! I love the fabric. Red white and blue is always a good match.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

What gorgeous fabric! Of course a new job requires a new outfit. I love the beads as well. I hope your first week goes smoothly. Xx

Curtise said...

Lovely print on your skirt, well done! And good luck with your new job. It will get easier, I'm sure. There is so much to remember when you first start! xxx

Anonymous said...

Love your skirt, the pattern is amazing. Good luck with your new job!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Definitely 'yes' to new outfits for new job! Have you been making new things?

That white necklace is crazy cool, by the way.

Krista said...

Congrats on the new job, pretty cute outfit to say hey I'm here :) Loving those skull bracelets, but you knew I would :)

Unknown said...

Cheers for your new job :)Hpee you enjoy :)
Aaagh I love that skirt <3 <3 <3!! Any fabric left :D ?
x, Lara

cb said...

I love that skirt soooo much and the print is perfect!!!!! Love love loveđź’•

Monsterchen said...

oh congratulations on the new job darling, i´m sure you will learn everything quickly;)
and that skirt is super cute!
i booked a flight to london;)

Heather Nixon said...

Cute outfit :)


alicia said...

nautical but nice! love iiiiittttt! <3