Saturday, January 05, 2013

Opunake Beach!

One of the nearest towns to my parents house in Opunake - one evening whilst at Mum and Dad's we all went into town for a spot of dinner at the local pub.
We ended up going to Opunake a bit later in the day so most of the shops in town were closed - but my Mum did stumble across this op shop and my mum asked the lady if she would mind staying open a while later so we could have a look around.

The building that the op shop is located in could do with a little bit of TLC, but I guess the rent must be pretty low for the store owner.
There were a lot of treasures inside for very good prices - much cheaper that stores here in Wellington. I ended up buying a wee make-up compact and a navy blue winter dress (perfect with orange tights!) here's a few photos I took inside the store. I get the feeling that my mum will be coming down to the shop quite a bit.

After a huge pub dinner we headed down to Opunake Beach for a walk - Opunake Beach is pretty well known as a surf beach and its pretty popular in summer. When we arrived there there were loads of people in the camp ground and although it was nearly 7pm the lifeguards were still on duty. Here's a few photos that we took when we went for our beach walk.

A few days later when our friends Nilanka and Paul picked us up from Mum and Dad's and on the way to the beach house we were staying at we stopped off at a lookout above Opunake Beach.


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Happy New Year! That thrift shop looks like a little gem, I like the weatherbeaten look.

New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

alicia said...

what a precious little shop! i just want to live on the beach and sell knick knacks forever!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Gorgeous photos....I really really like the look of that op shop! Love the salt & pepper shakers & the beads & brooches. Xx

Curtise said...

That little op shop looks intriguing. And the beach is beautiful. I need to see the sea some time soon! xxxx

Unknown said...

Owww I love that store!!! (I guess you like what I posted today ;))
Beautiful landscape :)
x, Lara

Krista said...

This looks like my kinda day, a little shopping and the beach! I love all those rocks on the beach so unusual!

Monsterchen said...

you look so beautiful and happy on this beach photos! really lovin it!

Meghan Edge said...

I love the photo of that op shop - it looks very mysterious and magical. :-) I love your dress. You always look so lovely!

Helga said...

Ooo, it's just lovely!
I'd love a rummage in that oppie, it's just how an oppie should look!
I hadn't thought of wearing orange with navy!!! EEEK! You've inspired me, darl!!!
Happy New Year, if I haven't wished you well already!

CityScape Skybaby said...

The orange and navy combo does sound nice, the photos of the beach are beautiful and that little shop looks so pretty, and even better if it's cheap! xx

cb said...

I want to go to the beach!!!!! I miss surfing so much! Once things get settled we are gonna go again but we have to not be tattooed for once!! What a great beach.