Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge ???

Hey guys, I'm not quite sure what happened with Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge this week! My friend Kat usually sends out the challenge and then I upload it on facebook - but I didn't get a challenge from here this week. However, she is pregnant right now - so perhaps she has baby brain.

My own wardrobe challenge didn't quite work out this week - so I decided to "borrow" a challenge from elsewhere.

I noticed earlier this week that Olivia from Wait Until The Sunset was taking part in the Aussie Curves Challenges, so I figured I would join in as well - I'm kind of crashing the party, but I'm sure my Australian friends won't mind.

After all - last week the Daily Telegraph did decide that the country of Aus Zealand existed (at least for the purpose of the Olympics) so I'm sure my Aussie friends won't mind me joining in.

Anyway the challenge this week for Aussie Curves was boots - when I saw that I thought it would be a great chance to wear my brand new suede boots. However, overnight it completely poured down and it was still raining a lot this morning. I decided that even though I had waterproofed by suede boots, I didn't really want to push my luck and wear them out on a rainy day. Instead I decided to stick to my trusty old Doc Martins.
I really love this dress at the moment - It used to belong to my friend Hiliare, but she bought it to a clothes swap party and then it became mine!
My bone bracelet from Rich - plus another clothes swap score, my deer ring!
I love this little guy - I got him in an "owl & fox" swap I did on Craftster - I have shown you all the fox brooch I received before, but I am pretty sure that the owl is making his debut.
In case you couldn't guess - Rich was feeling in a rather artistic mood when he took these photos! Makes a nice change from the same old pose (or perhaps it IS the same old pose, just from a different point of view).
I hope you are all having a good week - I've been taking in some film festival films, catching up on study and of course working. Here's hoping for clearer skies so I can show you my new boots soon.


Boots - Bought in Seoul
Tights/belt/cardi - Glassons
Dress - Clothes Swap
Brooch - Craft swap
Bracelet - Gift from Rich
Ring - Clothes swap
Necklace - op shopped, Hospice Shop, Kilbirnie, Wellington


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Super cute outfit! I don't think I would risk suede boots in the rain either! I love the brooch, & beads & the deer ring. The entire outfit looks fab. Xx

Curtise said...

I can see why you like that frock, it's lovely. And I am rather taken with your necklace too. You always have interesting jewelley.
I just bought some green suede boots dirt cheap from Ebay, so you have reminded me to get some protector for them, thank you! xx

Meghan Edge said...

Love those boots. They released more styles and I've been stalking them on ebay. Sigh. Oh Docs, how you torment me.

Very adorable outfit- I love that dress and the owl brooch.

Unknown said...

Great frock - PERFECT on you! I agree with Curtise - you do always have interesting jewellery - the bone bracelet is a fave. Sarah xxx

Vix said...

I do love that frock and the arty shots Rich took! Your jewellery is always fabulous, totally unique! x

cb said...

haha baby brain! my cousin is pregnant (only about 20 days really) and i keep telling her she has baby brain! it is a true thing!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

Oh yay!!!! You can totally play along! And yes- lola about the Olympics! There sure has been a few slip ups hasn't there?!

I love year boots! An that dress and owl ring were an epic score! I'm going to my first clothes swap later this year! Exciting! Xx

Helga said...

Ha,crash that party,baby!! That Olivia seems like a sweetie,I reckon she'll be stoked!
That IS a fab frock!Great print,and I do like a collar!
Deer ring!I keep hoping I'll bump into one....!
Love Rich's artistic pix,G sometimes gets arty too!
Poos you won't make it down,but YAY to travel and saving your pennies for it! Hopefully I'll make it up at somepoint and give you a good squeeze!

Camelia Crinoline said...

That dress is great. I love the print. The owl brooch is super cute. Suede and rain definitely don't mix. Hopefully the rain will stop so you can wear your new boots.

Monsterchen said...

oh there is always so much love for the details in your outfits darling! i adore this ring, the bone bracelet and the owl with that floral dress!

Anonymous said...

I can only wear booties in Singapore's weather. Too hot for nice high ones. Envious!!!

Stacey said...

Adorable outfit! I am swooning over that frock, it really is gorgeous. And obviously, I am super jealous of your owl brooch.

Oh, baby brain! I have it bad at the moment, lol.