Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Fun Times

I hope you all had a super weekend, I had a pretty girly Saturday, it started off with a clothes swap party where I made some pretty major scores - including this green dress (sorry this photo isn't so good). I really need to work on learning to take better outfit post photos - but really I have no idea how to do this. Maybe try and take some photos outside, maybe I need to get a gorillapod rather than bugging Rich to take photos all the time? Any thoughts long blogging friends?
In the afternoon I went to a belated birthday High Tea (my birthday just goes on and on) with some friends - the high tea was held at the James Cook Hotel. This high tea was very different to Martha's Pantry - its a hotel that sells High Teas rather than being a business devoted to high tea. I did really enjoy it though - there was a good variety of food, the staff were great and the non-tea drinkers amongst us could drink whatever they wanted (rather than being limited to tea). We've decided to do more High Tea's - just for the fun of it - as lots of restaurants in Wellington are now doing High Teas we may as well check them all out. Plus it will make us catch up more often! Sometimes the weeks just pass by and everything gets so busy and you seem to miss catching up with your friends.

 Don't you love this photo of Katrina? So cute!

You might notice my hair is a bit darker - Ria dyed it for me on Thursday night and she did an amazing job! I feel much better now. But I still feel like I need to do something new with my hair, I guess I will work it out eventually.

Have a great week xoxo


Julia said...

That sounds like the perfect day!
LOVE your new dress, what a great print.
High tea is such a nice treat.
And your hair looks great xo

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm so glad you had a super weekend. Mmm high teas look like my kind of thing....I am such a sweets girl & can never pass up a bit of cake! Love the frock, being green that would be pretty obvious. I feel like I'm terrible at blog photos too. My hubby is my tripod, but I find posing isn't easy. I don't really know how to mix it up. Xx

Curtise said...

High tea looks good! It's always lovely to make time for seeing friends. And to have an extended birthday!
Great frock, and your darker hair is fab. I also feel in a bit of a hair rut, I need some inspiration...
Well, you can see I am no expert at photos or posing, but I do think I have improved a wee bit over time. I bought a cheap tripod so I can go outside, my partner would never be prepared to take as many shots as I do (most of which go to the delete bucket!) and I feel less self-conscious posing on my own. Is there anyone you could borrow a gorillapod/tripod from to have a go? xxxx

Anonymous said...

Your high tea looks so yummy!!

Stacey said...

I think the biggest key to improving outfit photos is using natural light - don't be afraid of taking photos outside, the light is amazing! Of course, sometimes it sucks trying to squeeze outfit photos in while it is still light outside. A tripod & remote helped me heaps because I still feel a little awkward posing in front of The Boyfriend for some silly reason, haha.

I dearly want to go to a high tea after your description & pictures! I've never been, and it looks quite a treat!

Vix said...

You're such a lady with your high tea and sweet girl friends! It's good to keep the festivities going for the rest of the year.
Love your darker hair, mine's in dire need of an all-over job but I'm holding out until the day before our next festival! x

Krista said...

Great score on the dress dear! I would say totally trry and take pictures outside, the natural lighting makes a huge difference. I also have a tripod and a remote so I can take my own.

I love your dark hair and I think some purple splashed in would look hot!

cb said...

I want to do this! I miss my lady friends. It is so true that weeks go by so fast. As for the pictures, hmmm, yea outside is nice so you get natural light. I really want one of those gorilla things so bad! I thinkmwe should get some!

alicia said...

i've never had high tea before because they don't exist in america and in canada they're a million dollars. it's literally $17 just for one pot of tea and no food! jerks.

<3 <3 <3

Helga said...

Do high teas include alcohol?!
Hahahaaaaaaaa, I think I might suck at high tea!
Yay for new scores,that frock looks awesome!!
I find outside pix work out better, and although I do have a gorilla pod, G is sooo good at being photographer! Poor bugger, he swears he enjoys it........