Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Layers

This weeks wardrobe challenge was "layers" the perfect theme for winter months.

I wore a dress with a shirt and a cardi over top and two pairs of stocking, the weather is pretty cold today so its perfect for wearing layers.
I know, I know - you guys all told me to take pictures outside! I did take your comments on board but by the time I got home it was raining out and almost dark. Perhaps next week I'll be able to to do some outdoor outfit posts.
I decided to wear some eyeliner today - be I feel like I can never get it quite right *sigh* I guess I just need more practice.
Perfect weather for double tights!
More pink and more animal print!!


Boots: Clothes Swap
Pink Tights: Equipt
Fishnet Tights: Farmers
Dress: Pagani
Cardi: Glasson
Bracelet: Bought in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ring: Gift from Curtise
Necklace: Equipt


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Very pretty in your layers. I must say with practice I'm starting to get the hang of the winged eyeliner thing. I really wish we were heading to Wello so I could catchup with you this trip. It will probably be on the agenda for our trip next year, so I might see you there unless you come to Brissy first! Xx

Curtise said...

Great layering! Love the pink and the double tight action. I look like I am going to a fancy dress party as Cleopatra when I try the winged eyeliner thing, can't get the hang of it at all! xxx

Vix said...

Great pop of pink and your jewellery id gorgeous! xxx

cb said...

great layering! i love tights with socks, such a comfy feeling and so warm! i am sure this was a perfect winter outfit!

Meghan Edge said...

Awesome job layering! I love that top. And that necklace is rad. :-)

Stacey said...

This outfit is amazeballs! I adore that leopard print top, and your cute double tights! I get cranky when it's raining & I want to take outfit photos, lol. But, I love your blog regardless of where you take your outfit photos. <3

alicia said...

i LOVE pink and animal print and double tights! i used to have these fishnets that were black AND pink woven together and i would wear them over black tights. best outfit! <3