Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Instagram week two

Here's another look into my life through the world of instagram - I've managed to "instagram" for two whole weeks now which already beats my efforts with Tumblr. Maybe I'll actually be able to keep this up!
My manager came back from New York last Monday (she attended a conference over there) and she bought us these rad postcards.
Rich was late home from work/study - but never fear - I had cat and skully for company. These awesome guys were made by the talented Meg.
Winter just keeps on dragging on - so some nights you just need a hot chocolate to get you through!
Fabric of my dress for last weeks Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge.
A new dress all cut out and ready to sew - I've actually finished up this frock and I'll share it with you all soon.
I went to the bookstore to buy a book for my nieces birthday, I came back with a counting book for her and a Hello Kitty Pastry Chef for me.
Ria dyed my hair last Thursday night - she is such a star!
I bought a bus ticket to go to Whanganui and visit my friend Taane on the 1st September - its just a day trip, but I'm excited to get out of Wellington for the day and catch up with a friend.
I went to the "multiplex" cinema on Friday night - ew! I usually try and avoid these places, but its the only place in town the movie we wanted to see was playing.
Some of my dresses - I have a LOT of dresses.
How incredible are these? I went to a clothes swap on Saturday and one of my friends had made melting moments. The different colour filling just makes them look so cute.
I live in an invincible house - its true.
Sunday afternoon baking with some friends - we had a lot of cookie cutters.

It is really amazing how much you get up to in the course of one week! I hope you've all had a great week so far. Also - thanks for all your advice on OOTD photos, it does sound that outdoor photos are the way to go. Now all I need is a day with no rain so I can go outside and take some outfit photos - although my shyness may mean I still end up taking them inside.


Vix said...

What a busy week! Love the peek at your full to bursting wardrobe and the dress you've cut out looks very exciting. Doesn't it feel good to have your hair freshly coloured?
We've got to face the evil chavtastic multiplex tomorrow, I'm desperate to see Bourne! x

cb said...

the little cat and skull are so cute! she did a wonderful job with them. i always wish someone could help me home dye my hair, tom is okay at it but he hates doing it. i don't blame him. you live in a invisible house! how cool that that is the name of the building! i love NZ

Curtise said...

That looks like a GOOD week!
I still hide from the neighbours when taking outside pics but it does get easier. Or I've got more brazen! xxxx

Clara Turbay said...

love it!

Stacey said...

I had such a brain fart - it took me forever to work out that it was you on Instagram, even though I read your last IG post! I never really got into tumblr either, but love using Instagram to capture little moments of my life that would otherwise get forgotten.

alicia said...

i want to be a part of everything happening in these pictures!