Sunday, May 06, 2012

Weekend Fun times

I hope you've all had a super fun weekend, mine has been pretty amazing! I had my hair cut and coloured and got new green extensions, had lunch with Ria and another friend Alice and then Emi and I went to a belly dance class with Wellington Pink Ladies which was heaps of fun - I used to do belly dance YEARS ago and the class made me seriously consider if I should go back to it.

Finally we rounded off the evening with a dinner with our friend Ross and we watched "The Grey"  which was really good as well! I'd recommend it - the scenery in Alaska was so beautiful (at times, other times it was incredibly bleak!).

Today was a stunner of a day and in the morning Rich and picked up a couple of bagels and headed out to Otari-Wilton Bush to eat some lunch in the sunshine and have a walk.

Made-by-me May has been pretty well, but I am now coming to the conclusion I really need to make more things to wear! I was hoping to make something this weekend but I was just so busy. I must try and get started on a project this week.

But I did at least try to adjust my maxi frock that I made to wear in Asia at the start of the year to the Wellington Autumn. I'm not sure if I quite pulled this look off though - again I think the shoes look a little weird. What do you guys think? I'm still a little unconvinced I can wear this dress in the cooler Wellington weather!

Hope you all had a super weekend xoxo

9 comments: said...

What a perfect weekend! L-l-love the new hair.

Stacey said...

Hurray! For some reason my browser has been crashing every time I tried to load your blog this week, so I'm excited to be here, lol.

I always love seeing the pics from your walks, you have the most beautiful scenery around! I really like the outfit as well - I actually really like it with those shoes!

Julia said...

I'm so jealous of your weekends, they always sound amazing

Curtise said...

Beautiful countryside (though somehow that doesn't seem the right word for that scenery - too English!)
I think the dress looks fine layered up with a jacket and boots - maybe it feels weird because it isn't a look you're used to? Or would you feel more comfortable with a darker colour/heavier fabric for winter? Keep experimenting, it's the only way to work out what you like and you might surprise yourself! (That's what I tell myself anyway, despite my many mistakes!)
Love the new extensions! xxxx

cb said...

What a great place to eat lunch and take a walk. I love places like this. You guys go on such great walks!

Helga said...

OMG,what an amazeballs weekend!!!
I used to do belly dance too,but then got more interested in the hand drumming!!!
yay,gorgie new hair!
It's hard to tell in the pic,re the maxi,but it seems to look rather fab!

Penny-Rose said...

I agree with Pastcaring, I would keep trying the dress with different tops and jackets and shoes. I am impressed with your efforts in MeMadeMay - I just don't have time to sew much when working full time. Glad you had a lovely weekend ;-)

his_girl_friday said...

It looks like another fun adventure!

Vix said...

You look lovely in that maxi dress from where I'm sitting!
Your pictures are beautiful, I'd kill for a blue sky right now! x