Monday, May 14, 2012

Spell my name swap

Thanks for all your love for my new skirt on my last blog - it made me feel rather special! I'm hoping this week will be slightly less crazy for me and I don't end up wasting my Saturday afternoon snoozing.

So I thought I'd share with you all the goodies I sent and received in a recent swap - the swap theme was "Spell my name swap" and the premise was pretty simple - make your partner one item for each letter of their name.

So my for real name is actually "Teresa" not Trees (but most of my friends call me Trees or Tess in real life, so it's not just a name for the interwebs) so here's what I received.

T is for Trio of interchangeable hair bows

E is for Extra Cute "Create your own stuff" - My partner included a kids colouring book with all kinds of cute characters in that I can use as patterns for embroidery and the other guy is a "blank" doll that you can personalise.
R is for recycled yarn coaster for two - I really like the vintage look of this, I think it shall spend it life in the kitchen stopping hot things from burning the bench top!
So for the next photo I need to put "E" and "A" together - because they are made to be worn together and are simply amazing now that autumn is quickly turning into winter.

So the letter "E" is for my new "Every which way cowl" and "A" is for "All day beret" - You can't see it in these photos but the wool is actually SPARKLY! 

Finally the letter "S" for Sanrio Art - Hello Kitty and my other favourite Sanrio character "Kuromi".

So what did I make my partner you may ask? Well here it is (well most of it) my partner's name is "Andrea" so here's what I made for her -

A is for - Accessories for your hair! I actually made a third hair accessory - but I forgot to take a photo!

N is for - Necklace! I made this necklace from an old scarf and some polystyrene balls.
D is for Dollars and cents -My partner collects coins, so I sent her some coins from nz as well as other coins from my travels.

R is for Rectangular Pouch - I made my partner this rockabilly style pouch, complete with chocolate inside.

E is for elephant - my partner collects elephants, so I made her one out of felt, its all hand stitched - sorry the photo is a little rubbish.
for the final "A" I sent my partner "A whole bunch of accessories" but as they were store bought I didn't bother taking a photo.

I hope everyone had a super Monday - I'm off to do some Monday night crafting, I have more swaps to work on and more clothes to sew!


Meghan Edge said...

Jealous of your beret. :-)

alicia said...

i always love seeing your swap treasures! <3

Anonymous said...

amazing blog!love your posts!

Vix said...

What a cute idea for a swap, Andrea's makes are gorgeous and so are the ones you made.
Have a good week. x

cb said...

this is so much fun! do you ever feel overwhelmed? it seems like so much stuff you had to make! i love that each present is the letter of your name, means you have to be creative in the name and the item!

Curtise said...

Great idea for a swap - if you have a long name you get loads of pressies, haha! You and your partner have been really creative. xxx

his_girl_friday said...

Nice swap!

Helga said...

I call that a bundle of FUN!
Sweet idea,and the longer your name the more goodies you get!!!
What you received and what you sent are all splendidly original and fabulous!!!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

what some amazing pieces you got!! Those hair bows are too cute! xx

Unknown said...

i love swaps - what a neat idea for one, i've never heard of that before! great job on the necklace :)