Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Dress Reconstruction

I don't even remember where or where I picked up this polyester number - but I do remember I bought it as I liked the pattern on the fabric even though it was about three sizes too big and it had been made in the style of a sack.
Last night I decided suddenly I had to "fix" this dress- I don't know what came over me really seen as it has been sitting in the "must do something with" pile for SO LONG. I used a per-existing pattern to get the basic shape of the dress, I also cut off the collar and the sleeves. It's not a massive reconstruction project - but I'm happy with it considering its my very first one.
Here's the leftover after I'd finished up with the reconstruction - I actually got rid of a lot of the additional fabric in the dress.


Vintage Sweetheart said...

It looks amazing! I love how you have accessorized it. I have a ton of frocks in the to fix pile but never get around to it. x

Stacey said...

The result looks really cute! I love that dress paired with the blue cardi & tights as well!

Julia said...

Looks like you did a great job!
I have a pile of stuff "to be fixed" too...should really get on to that at some point

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Well done you! I have so many dresses that are too big. I wish I could do my own alterations, but I just wear them with a big belt. Great fabric & I love your tights. Xx

Vix said...

Isn't it a lovely feeling to get around to a job that you've been putting off for ages?
That dress is a million times better now. You look fantastic in pink. x

cb said...

oh wow it looks great on you!! i love the colors together and of coure the blue tights! i am so envious of your sewing. i have completely dropped it and i am so sad. i just have no time anymore....booo! but yay you!

ps i hope your weekend was relaxing. i thought about you and hoped you had a less crazy end of the week! xo

Helga said...

Well done,darl,you made it fabulous!!!
I love remaking frocks,actually!! It's so much fun!

Meghan Edge said...

You look utterly adorable! I love the colors - the pink and blues together are just divine. GREAT job reconstructing this dress. :-)

Unknown said...

I agree with Vix - you look absolutely FABULOUS in your new frock! You're so clever - may I send you my stack of frocks just waiting for me to DO SOMETHING!???

Sarah xxx

Penny-Rose said...

Cool transformation - I really like the colour with blue, I would not think of that combo, and it looks really cool.

What Sadie Did said...

"Made in the style of a sack" haha.
From drab to fab!!! Yay!

Sadie xx

alicia said...

"made in the style of a sack." <3