Thursday, May 10, 2012

Singapore - Final Photo Post!

So here is the final photo dump of my trip to Asia earlier this year - whilst I was there I had the chance to meet the super lovely Chloe from Wasted Fashion. I loved spending time with Chloe and she was so generous with her time and spoiled me absolutely rotten! I really hope that she will visit me one day so I can repay the favour.

The photos below are a selection of my favourites - Chloe took them all and there's a whole bunch of my face in these photos - sorry its kind of a Trees overload!

But I think my favourite would have to be the one of Chloe and I wearing Hello Kitty glasses - also I got my hair cut whilst I was in Singapore, in case you were wondering about the current change of hairstyle part way through. Chloe took me to this "trendy" mall and I was able to barter a cheap as chips haircut and colour so I couldn't resist having it done whilst I was on holiday.


Unknown said...

Oh such fun photos! You both look so gorgeous - and all the food looks SO yum! I love the Hello Kitty specs pic too! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

What stunning pictures! You look so deliriously happy on all of them, travelling and the company of the delightful Chloe really do suit you.
That food looks delicious. I love that you had your hair cut on your travels! xxx

cb said...

oh you eat like a queen! she did spoil you! everything looks amazing! i do love the picture of you with the hello kitty glasses. did you keep them? oh and did you get a hair cut while there? it looks shorter in some of the pictures.

two squirrels said...

Oh such yummy food.
You look like you had the most wonderful time.
Happiness to you
Love v

Wait Until The Sunset said...

DD strawberry dress yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Looks like you guys had an awesome time!! xxx

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! It was so fun when you were around! Let's do it again soon! I do love meeting and hosting new friends! *hugs*