Thursday, January 05, 2012

City to Sea Walkway

One one of the last days of our Christmas/New Years holiday Rich and I decided to do the Wellington City to Sea walkway. It had originally been our plan to do loads of day walks during our break but a combination of my contacts failing and bad weather meant we couldn't do very much walking at all, which was a bit of a downer.

Here's a few photos we took on the walk - we didn't do the entire walkway, but we did walk 10km of the 12km walkway so we did pretty well.

This walkway largely exists within the town belt, so the whole time you're not too far from civilisation if you feel too exhausted and feel like you need to catch a bus home.

I do think I need to make myself a walking dress though - I don't really have anything suitable to walk in and I just don't wear trousers outside of the gym.


Vix said...

What a gorgeous walk. It reminds me of the Welsh countryside.
A walking dress sounds like a great idea and as you're on a creative roll I bet you'd make one in no time. x

Julia said...

Great shots, what a nice way to spend an afternoon xo

alicia said...

there is so much to do in wellington! i'm not thrilled that most of it involves walking though... ;D

your stockings arrived! they're so cute - i love the purple with lime green polka dots! bear has eaten most of the caramello santas and says thank you! haha! thank you again for a fun swap! <3

cb said...

wellington is just so pretty!! you guys go on such beautiful walks all the time something i want to do more of this year!

Stacey said...

Wow, the scenery on this walk is amazing! I'm hoping to get out & do more walking/sight-seeing this year too.

Krista said...

This looks so beautiful! I love long walks with my hubby or anyone for that matter!