Saturday, April 23, 2011

K Road Adventures - Part 2

Here's part two of our K Road adventures - we took a rather amazing heritage tour of K Road. I am super geeky and love history so I loved this tour and Lisa loves architecture so this tour was perfect for us.

One of my favourite buildings on the tour was the Baptist Taberbacle. I have walked past this building on a number of different occassions but I never really stopped to admire it, which I should have, as its a really striking building.

I especially like the story to tour guide told us about this church, at the time it was built a lot of churches were built with loans. But this one was finished with no debt at all - largely due to the ladies of the Baptist Church in Auckland. The last stone of the church was laid by ladies of the church. I just love the thought of some victorian ladies being hoisted to the roof of this building to lay the final stone.

After the tour we had lunch at the Verona cafe, which according to the tour guide has had this name for a very very long time (since early 20th century).
Our guide also told us that the cafe inspired this song, which totally makes sense now I think about it but I just never connected the two.

We finished off our time in K Road with a walk though this garden (which is also a right of way to the other side of the city). I have no idea what its actually called! I've walked through here quite often when I have visited Auckland and I find it really pretty. This was the first time the flags have been up when I have visited - but I thought they were just amazing. I have a soft spot for whimsical little flags.


Meghan Edge said...

walking tours are so fun. ^_^ And the cafe looks awesome.

Trees said...

It's on of my favourite cafe's in all of Auckland - if you ever visit my part of the world - I'll take you there for sure:D