Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kitschy Goodness

I just thought I'd post some photos of one of my favourite Wellington Cafes - Offbeat Originals on the Left Bank of Cuba Street. They make great tofu burgers and milkshakes and sell all kinds of delicious slices and cakes. But one of my favourite things about the cafe is the crazy amount of kitsch goodies on display - seriously these pictures are just the tip of the kitschy iceberg.

They also have fantails painted on their doors and fantails are my favourite bird. Look at how cute this is!
Well this blog will be quite for the next few days as I am off to Auckland in the early hours of tommorrow morning to meet my friend Lisa who is flying in from Taipei. I am super excited to see her and also to play a tourist in Auckland - its going to be a blast! I will be back soon - with what I am sure will be an epic number of photos.


What Sadie Did said...

Hope you're enjoying Akl!!! Let me know what that ghost tour is like as i'm going there for Easter weekend!

I've tagged you in a post on my blog, not sure if you do those kinds of things, but thought i'd tag you just in case! :)

Sadie x

Victoria said...

Ohhh I love kitchy little things, infact I've had to ban myself from certain stores to avoid buying kitchy little things! :(

Have a great time in Auckland dear! xxx