Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sky Tower!

During our whirlwind tour of Auckland, Lisa and I also stopped off and visited the Sky tower. What's the sky tower? Its the tallest building in New Zealand and you can see it in this photo behind me.
Here's some photos from inside the sky tower - lots of lovely views of Auckland city.

If you're from New Zealand or if you've ever visited here, you will know souvenir gift shops are full of more tacky kiwi (as in the bird, not the fruit. Although some stores sell both!) and sheep items than you ever thought possible. The sky city gift shop is no exception. Lisa and I had WAY too much fun here!


Victoria said...

Love the pictures of you guys dressed up at the end, I actually didn't know about the Kiwi souvenirs... xxx

Trees said...

Seriously - we had WAY too much fun in this store!

What Sadie Did said...

Ha! I missed the shop - bummer!!! Those eyemasks are hilarious!!