Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Overland Adventures

When Lisa and I decided to head down to Wellington so I could show her my wee city we decided to take the overlander train. Its a pretty epic journey by New Zealand standards, about 13 hours.

The trip is well worth it though - so much amazing scenery and it was just great to hang out and chat.

Plus it was a great way for Lisa to see a whole lot of the North Island - I took loads of and loads of photos of course. Here's just a few of them!


Meghan Edge said...

Oh a 13 hour train ride sounds almost divine as my 13 hour car ride the other day! SO AWESOME! (I love rides.)

cb said...

i LOVE riding trains! they are such a fun way to travel! i really want to take amtrak to portland some time soon!!


What Sadie Did said...

Looks great! I'm thinking of doing the one in the South Island - have you done that?


Trees said...

Meg - 13 hours car ride? Wow! Did you take photos?

Cb - I love trains too! Planning on coming to North America at the end of the year and doing the train from Portland to San Fran:D

Sadie - We are train geeks and have done both the South Island trains! The tranzscenic & Tranzcoastal - they are both amazing! There is also a train called Taieri Gorge if you have a chance to take it:)