Sunday, January 24, 2010

Krazy Korea Christmas Cakes

In Korea, Christmas isn't the biggest holiday of the year but the one defining feature of the holiday seems to be that you must buy a cake from one of the many bakeries that exist (strange before I came here I thought getting bread would be a real problem but there is a bakery on every corner). But this Christmas cake isn't the typical fruit cake with almond icing that most of us in the west are used to eating at Christmas - they are usually chocolate or something else very sweet with loads of icing and lavish decoration. Also, they all come with "service" - which roughly translates to "free". It seemed that the favourite "service" item to attach to Christmas cakes is a ridiculous winter hat - I received a Christmas cake from my principal and received a very silly hat of a "wolf in sheep's clothing". You may ask yourself "what does that have to do with Christmas?". Well I'm not sure but it makes a really cute and crazy hat.

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