Monday, January 25, 2010

Our first day in Japan

Rich and I are pretty lucky to have a teaching contract with the GEPIK system, amongst other thing it assures us four weeks of paid holiday a year (our friends in Hagwon's are not so lucky!).

We recently had two weeks off work and decided to spend some of that time exploring Japan. We left Incheon Airport on yet another cold winter's day, you can even see snow on the runway which is a bit of a worrying prospect but I guess they are used to that in Korea.

Within a couple of hours flying we were in Japan which was pretty exciting - although we had to navigate the Tokyo Subway to get to our hotel from the airport. It was a long trip made much worse by the complicated Tokyo subway system - give me the Seoul subway any day!
When we finally got to our hotel it was nice to know it was in a slightly quieter area of Tokyo even though it was near the bright lights of Shinjuku we spend our first night wandering the streets near our hotel and also exploring the craziness that is Shinjuku!

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