Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year!

I am finally back up online - Rich's laptop isn't fixed but it is with the HP service office in techno mart for repair. We are crossing our fingers that all will be well with it soon and that the information on the computer hasn't been lost or damaged.

But whilst at techno mart I made a purchase of my own, I have wanted a netbook for the longest time but just keep putting it off - well I finally decided seen as we are without a computer, I should really buy one. So now I have a "cute" little HP mini - it would have been cuter still if I could have got the pink one, but they were sold out and I wanted to buy one yesterday so that I could take it with me on my trip to Japan.

I was thinking about New Years resolutions - should I make any or not? They are always so hard to keep! But I decided my resolution will simply be to watch 110 movies in 2010. It's not too difficult for a movie geek like me, but then sometimes I let good movies pass me by and I get really annoyed I didn't make time to see them at the cinema!

What's the first movie I watched in 2010 - well it was a classic of sorts! Here in Korea we have a few movie channels that play a variety of films and often they play english language films.

Earlier today on one of these channels they were playing the original terminator movie - so my first movie for 2010 is "Terminator".

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