Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas in Korea

So this year was not only our first Christmas away from New Zealand, but also our first Christmas in winter which was very weird. It was supposed to be a white Christmas and it did snow on Christmas night but it was pretty light.

You may be wondering if Christmas is celebrated in Korea (quite a few people asked me this) and the answer is yes but it's not the biggest holiday of the year like it is in New Zealand.

I did manage to buy us a little Christmas tree, I wanted a much bigger one but this one cost nearly $20 NZ dollars which is plenty to spend on a Christmas tree. It's the first year I've had the Christmas tree on the presents rather than the Christmas presents under the tree.

Once we discovered that to our dismay that Rich's computer has "died" and reaslised we couldn't skype our families, we decided to open a few presents.

Later on a few friends came over for a Christmas Lunch - it was potluck and there was a lot of food!

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