Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In recovery mode

So I am now officially in recovery mode, a couple of weeks ago I received a call from the hospital that they had a cancellation in their schedule and if I wanted I could have the operation I had been waiting for the following MONDAY! It was a big ask to get my life organised in 2 days, especially with the Derby bout being on that Saturday night but I managed to work it all out.

The actual operation went as well as could be expected and thankfully I didn't have to stay in hospital over night. Rich came to the hospital with me and then stayed home with me for my first (and worst!) day at home.

When Rich had to return to work my mum came down to look after me which was awesome, because life isn't easy when you've had surgery in your abdomen - even putting on socks can be a challenge.

My mum has gone back home now so I am by myself for my last few days of recovery which is good but it is getting to the stage where it is a little lonely being home all day by myself.

But I have had a lot of visitors and parcels and flowers, I recieved the flowers below from my friends Jess, Celia, Katrina and Jacqui. Very pretty.

I've also recieved some baking! My mum baked for us when she was here - some of the most awesome chocolate chip cookies ever and cupcakes. My friend Emi also bought me some homemade cookies and Jaimee bought me some "gluten & eveything else free cookies".

Last night my friend Kat came over and bought me these chocolate & strawberry cupcakes which are very exciting as they are heart shaped! I wonder where I can get a heart shaped cupcake pan (she got hers on her trip to the US but surely you can buy them somewhere in New Zealand).
Anyways that's all for now - back to more rest and recovery I think - perhaps off to watch one of the many many movies my good friend Karen in Hamilton send down for me (including a good selection of horrors! yah!)

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