Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday was the day that I officially "returned to civilisation" after my surgery - and all things considered - it was a pretty glorious day to return to the real world.

Rich and I took a walk through the Botanical Gardens and then headed down to the waterfront - it's days like this that make you forget Wellington's long winter months.


Ange said...

So ... explain the bikes and the art. Where they bikes for hire or something organised by the council (the Brisbane council is bringing in a bike hire scheme really soon where there will be bikes all over the city and you pay depending on how long you hire it - and you just drop it off at any of the other bike stands). Very cool idea!

Trees said...

The bikes are for hire - they are outside Fergs Kayak's for rent:) They are SUPER cute! We saw a couple of people riding them around the waterfront. The art is some of the street art that has been popping up around Aro at the moment & I really LOVE it - so amazing!