Sunday, April 19, 2009


On Saturday I walked all the way up that nasty hill to Brooklyn with Hiliare to attend Fabric-a-Brac. You may be wondering what exactly Fabric-a-Brac is - well in a nutshell it's a venue for people to sell off their unwanted fabric, buttons, patterns, trims, patches and anything else involved with sewing - like a giant sewing/crafting garage sale.

I had expected that the even would be madness as there's nothing a crafter likes more than a bargin on supplies, but I wasn't sure I was ready for just how crazy the day was, there were people everywhere - you could hardly move in the little hall that the event was held in.

All in all my craft purchases were quite restrained - I ended up buying a few little items to use in my Wayward Victorian swap, but overall I was most restrained, as was Hiliare (although she did buy an awesome retro teenage mutuant ninji turtles patch).

A good day overall - but next time they may need to consider a much larger venue!

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