Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More needle felting

So as the whole world knows I am a self confessed "crafty lady" and whilst I am recovery I thought that I would be able to pass a lot of time crafting. But it's not as easy as that, I should have remembered from my last surgery that all the drugs that the doctors use make you into a bit of a fuzzy head with limited concentration.

But I did manage to do some needle felting whilst I have been in recovery - needle felting is just stabbing unfinished wool with a needle so not too much concentration is required (but you need a little I have to admit - otherwise you'll just end up stabbing yourself!).

So here's my too little "in recovery" needle felting projects - first is a bit of a "mini me" - it's a mini version of the little penguin I made a few weeks back. Now there are two...awww...cutie cutie!

Secondly I made this little bunny. I copied the design from a softies book I have - I'm not too sure about this guy to be honest, sometimes I am totally loving him and other times he creeps me out a little.

Rich is openly creeped out by the bunny - he says it's the eyes - I'd be interested to know what other crafty types think.

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Ange said...

I agree on both counts. The penguins are very awwwww cutie cutie :-) and the bunny is creepy. It is definitely the eyes on it! I thought that before I read your comment so there you go :-) The funny thing is that the creepy factor only makes the bunny better :-) It will do well for your next Halloween party :-) Mwhahahahahahaha